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Jester King Liquid Bake Sale Imperial Babka Stout

We're very excited to release Liquid Bake Sale Imperial Babka Stout!

Liquid Bake Sale is brewed in support of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, a non-profit group organized to advance small, independent brewers in Texas. The fundraiser features Texas-grown malt in partnership with TexMalt in Fort Worth.

For our Liquid Bake Sale beer, we created an imperial stout inspired by one of the favorite breads we bake at Jester King Bakery -- Babka! One of our Head Baker Jonathan Sanchez's (pictured below) first inspirations was Babka. We're excited to have turned this inspiration into liquid form!

We double-mashed a huge, sticky wort with TexMalt Wildfire Pale and San Jacinto Heritage Malt, a huge helping of double-roasted crystal malt, gobs of oats and raw wheat, brown sugar, milk sugar, and brioche bread! We fermented in stainless steel with the dark-fruity English yeast strain we love for our stouts, then added vanilla beans and cacao nibs in an effort to mimic the rich, scrumptious flavors and aromas of Babka!

We get notes of Kirschwasser brandy, chocolate fondue, rum-soaked licorice, bread pudding, kids' birthday cake frosting, Tollhouse cookies from a wood-fired oven, and Mexican Coke steeped on vanilla beans! 10.5% abv.

Available for sale online now! Available for at Jester King Shop and by the glass when we open today at 3pm. We have about 200 cases available. Sixteen ounce, four-pack cans are $24. No distribution available. Proxies welcome (please designate when ordering). Shipping and delivery illegal in Texas. Label art by Austin-based artist Lauren Dickens.

We're grateful to be part of the Liquid Bake Sale. Thank you very much to our friends at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, TexMalt, and our Head Baker Jonathan Sanchez!

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