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Jester King Food & Beer "To Go" Only for Foreseeable Future

Due to the global pandemic and public health emergency we are all facing, Jester King is closing its tasting room, restaurant, and farm, and private event hall to the public and moving to a "To Go Only" model for our food and beer for the foreseeable future.

This was a painful decision for us to make given its economic impact on our company and employees, as we depend upon onsite sales for the vast majority of our income and livelihoods. We know we are not alone here. But we understand we must due our part if this virus is to be slowed down and our healthcare system kept from collapsing.

We will be announcing details on to-go only sales at Jester King in the very near future. For now, we'd ask that you consider making a donation to the Southern Smoke Foundation, which "provides funding to those who own or are employed by restaurants and bars or by a restaurant or bar supplier that are faced with unforeseen expenses that are not covered by insurance."