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Introducing Provenance Black Lime

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing Provenance Black Lime this Thursday. Provence Black Lime is a farmhouse ale brewed with black limes. Black Lime refers to a type of processed lime. We’ve made Provenance beers in the past with different types of citrus. This one, however, is the first time we’ve processed the citrus in our Kitchen.

On black limes from Jester King Executive Chef Damien Brockway:

“We took limes from G&S Orchards and sliced them into ¼ inch disks, then dehydrated those disks at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 7-10 days. The process is a slow caramelization of the sugars within the fruit as well as enzymatic oxidation of the flesh. This process definitely changes the flavor to something still reminiscent of the original fruit but has a distinct caramel quality, elevated acidity, and tea-like character.”

Provenance Black Lime was brewed in June with a similar base to previous Provenance iterations. For previous Provenances, we added citrus juice and zest after primary fermentation, just before packaging. In this Provenance, however, we added black limes in the boil. The resulting beer is deeper in color, with more caramel notes and more body.

Provenance Black Lime will be released this Thursday at 4pm when the Tasting Room and Kitchen open. It has an ABV of 5.6% and will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (750mL/$13). Around 480 bottles are available with a limit of 2 bottles per person per day. This beer will not see distribution.

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