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Introducing Jester King Texas Blueberry Wine

Today we're very excited to introduce Jester King Texas Blueberry Wine!

Texas Blueberry Wine is made from 100% Texas blueberries from Echo Springs Blueberry Farm in Murchison, Texas (about 90 miles southeast of Dallas). Last fall, we took blueberries from the 2020 harvest, crushed them, pitched our mixed culture, and fermented them to total dryness in stainless steel. We bottled the wine still without any sulphites, sugars, or additives (just blueberries and yeast/bacteria). Like with our recent Texas Farmhouse Cider, we adopted a very simple process designed to feature the character of the Texas blueberries and their interaction with native yeast during fermentation. 7.2% abv.

Sensory-wise we get a mix of gin botanicals, dark berries, and blueberry yogurt. We recommend serving Texas Blueberry Wine slightly chilled.

Available now at Jester King! Onsite only by the glass or bottle. Sorry, no bottles to go. 292 bottles available. We're open every week Wednesday to Sunday (

We hope you enjoy this simple, authentic, natural presentation of Texas blueberries!

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photography by Tomas Segura.