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Introducing Jester King Entombment

We're excited to introduce Jester King Entombment -- a 10.8% ABV hybrid of bochet and beer aged in Balcones whisky barrels!

What is bochet? It's a type of mead made by boiling the honey before fermentation to caramelize the sugars. Entombment began in January of 2019 by taking 100 pounds of Texas wildflower honey and boiling it for six and a half hours with no water added. The character was quite intense reminiscent of chocolate and toasted marshmallow. We then brewed a high gravity wort with lots of Munich and Special B malt, which we added to the caramelized honey.

We then let the bochet / beer hybrid undergo mixed culture primary fermentation in stainless steel before racking it to Balcones whiskey barrels for aging in February 2019. About a year later, we racked the bochet / beer hybrid out of whisky barrels and naturally conditioned it. It has been maturing in kegs and bottles for about four months prior to release.

Entombment is a very unique and intense beer, fairly unlike any we've made before. We're excited for you to drink it! It's available starting today for pickup at Jester King. We're open for pickup 7 days per week from 12-8pm. Order online (https://www.toasttab.com/jesterkingbrewery/v3) or call 512-661-8736.

We have about 1,000 bottles (375ml/$16). There's no bottle limit. Proxies are welcome. Please fill-out the "Proxy Input" section when ordering online. We do not anticipate Entombment to see distribution. Art by Josh Cockrell. Photography by Granger Coats.