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Introducing Jester King Black Atrial

We are pleased to introduce Jester King Black Atrial! Black Atrial is Original Black Metal Imperial Stout refermented with six pounds per gallon of raspberries! It will be released on Wednesday, September 16th at Noon CST.

To make Black Atrial, we brewed a batch of Original Black Metal Imperial Stout. After primary fermentation with English ale yeast in a stainless steel tank, we added six pounds per gallon of raspberries. We sourced the raspberries from the same farm in Washington that grows our raspberries for Atrial Rubicite. We then let the raspberries re-ferment with the beer to dryness.

Black Atrial is 7.0% alcohol by volume. The base beer started off around 10% ABV and decreased to 7.0% during fruit refermentation. Raspberries typically have a sugar content around 12 Brix (1.048). Black Atrial was packaged in June and 100% naturally conditioned in 750ml "genie" bottles.

Bottles of Black Atrial will go on sale online on Wednesday, September 16th at Noon CST. All bottles must be picked up at Jester King by September 30th at 9pm. Proxies are welcome (must be indicated by first and last name). 750ml bottles are $35 (plus Universe fees). 800 bottles are available. Limit one bottle per person.

Here is the link to place an online bottle order starting 9/16 at Noon CST:

Black Atrial will also be available by the glass at Jester King. Please make a reservation to come see us!

The sensational artwork for Black Atrial is by Jester King artist Joshua Cockrell. Limited edition art prints autographed by Joshua will be available next week. Stay tuned for details.

Photography by Granger Coats.

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