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Introducing Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Texas Blueberries

Today at Noon we're releasing a new beer called Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Texas Blueberries. It's our second fruit beer release of 2020 following Colour Five.

Co-fermentation of wort (unfermented beer) and fruit is a technique we've become increasingly fond of over the past few years. The process is actually pretty simple. We take blueberries from Echo Springs Blueberry Farm in northeast Texas, crush and de-stem them, add the juice and skins to a stainless steel tote tank, rack in a simple wort with the blueberries, pitch our mixed culture, then let the co-fermentation ferment out to dryness over the course of about four months. The only difference in this case from some of our prior co-fermentations, is that we pitched yeast. The blueberries came from the farm in northeast Texas frozen, so we pitched our mixed culture to ensure that fermentation took off. In the past with grapes for instance, we took advantage of the yeast on the skins of the grapes for spontaneous fermentation.

Like we said, we've really grown to enjoy making and drinking these co-ferments of fruit and wort. The character of the finished beer / wine hybrid has a nice zippy, fresh, fruit-forward, mildly tart, slightly funky character to it. We've strayed away from the term "crushable" over the years, but what the hell, it's definitely that. Naturally conditioned through refermentation in the bottle. 7% ABV.

On sale starting today at Jester King (750ml/$20). We're curbside pickup only right now, so please order online ( or call 512-661-8736. We're open for pickup 7 days a week from 12-8pm. We have about 1,000 bottles available. No bottle limit. Proxies welcome. Art by Josh Cockrell. Photos by Granger Coats.

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