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Introducing 2019 SPON Estate Honey

We’re extremely excited to announce that this Thursday at 4pm when the Tasting Room and Kitchen opens, we will be releasing 2019 SPON Estate Honey, a blend of 2 year old 100% spontaneously fermented beer refermented with raw honey from our farm.

Brewed in winter of 2017, we used raw Texas Hill Country water and did a turbid mash with Blacklands pale moon and Texas raw wheat. We then boiled for 4 hours and added our aged hops which were aged in burlap bags for 3 summers in the attic of a barn on the property. The wort was moved to our coolship to cool overnight and become inoculated with ambient yeast and bacteria. In the morning, we moved the wort into neutral oak barrels and allowed it to ferment for 2 years 100% spontaneously. No yeast or bacteria was added. We then took that 2 year old beer and refermented it with 35 pounds of honey from our farm.

When we started our farm at Jester King, we placed two bee hives near our annual plants to act as the primary pollinators for our crops. The honey used in this beer was slowly gathered from these bee hives throughout 2018. Because this honey was harvested throughout the year, the bees pollinated on an assortment of plants from the property. We are excited to share this early example of our farm’s bounty going straight into our beer.

2019 SPON Estate Honey has an ABV of 6.3%. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (375mL/$25). Around 1,100 bottles are available with a bottle limit of 3 bottles per person per day. This beer will not see distribution.

Photography by Granger Coats.

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