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Introducing 2018 Colour Five

We are happy to announce that fruit refermentation season for 2018 season has arrived! This Friday, May 4th, we’ll be releasing our 2018 batch of Colour 5! Colour 5 is our barrel aged farmhouse ale refermented with Texas-grown blueberries from Echo Springs Farms in Murchison, Texas. It’s our first fruit refermentation release of 2018.

Colour Five was brewed with raw Hill Country well water, Texas-grown grains, a blend of fresh hops and aged hops from our barn, and was fermented with our mixed culture of native yeast and bacteria. It was aged in neutral oak barrels for roughly a year, then refermented in stainless steel with about 2,000 pounds of Texas blueberries for about six weeks. The blueberries went through our crusher / destemmer prior to refermentation and we performed pump-overs throughout refermentation for good flavor and color pick-up from the fruit. Colour Five was then 100% naturally refermented in the serving vessel.

Our 2018 batch of Colour 5 will be released this Friday at 4pm when our tasting room opens. It is 6.5% ABV, 9 IBU’s, 3.22 pH, and has a specific gravity of 0.999. It was packaged on March 27th, 2018. There are about 2,250 bottles available (500mL/$20) with a bottle limit of six per customer per day. It will also be available by the glass at our tasting room. Outside of special events, Colour 5 will only be available at Jester King. We hope you enjoy!

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