Hop Farm Photos

Here's some photos from earlier this summer of Farmer Peppy, Jacob Grob, Michael Steffing and Travis Coats of Jester King working on our hop farm. They installed the poles to support the trellis system for our hops. These individuals worked very hard through scorching heat to get it done.

The reality is that we didn't get our trellis system setup in time to support this year's hop crop. This will set us back a year. The good news is that, as we've said before, we're not going it alone. We've been pleased to see other hop farms in Texas, specially our friends at Wildroot Organic, having success so far.

Right now, hops are the only traditional brewing ingredient (water, barley, hops, yeast/bacteria) that we can't get locally. We're hopeful this is on the verge of changing, which will allow us to make our first all-Texas ingredient beer.

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Image gallery of us installing the poles for our hop farm. Photos by Granger Coats.