Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Carignan Grapes

Today at Noon we're releasing a very small run of a co-fermentation we did with Carignan grape must (juice, skins, seeds, and stems). We added the must to our tiny three barrel stainless steel fermenter and blended it with some simple, fresh, lightly hopped, pale wort. We pitched our mixed culture and let the blend of grape must and wort ferment to total dryness. We then naturally conditioned in 750ml bottles.

We're pretty excited about the way this wine/beer co-ferment is presenting. It's pretty rich and leathery while simultaneously being spritzy and very drinkable. These co-ferments are a lot of fun to make (and drink), so we hope you enjoy them.

We wish we had more of this one, as it's a really small run. We have 144 bottles (750ml / $24). 6.0% ABV. Bottle limit 1 (orders over one will be reduced). Available exclusively for curbside pickup. Click here to order ( Cheers!

Art by Joshua Cockrell

Photos by Granger Coats