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Covid-19 Precautions at Jester King Brewery & Kitchen

It has been our privilege to have guests from all over the world visit Jester King for the past ten years. As we grow, we love continuing to provide each guest with not only beer and food, but a unique experience that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. Many of you have seen us evolve from a quaint taproom in the Hill Country to the bustling farm and restaurant we are today. We could never have gotten this far without the continued support of each and every one of you. Our “friends of Jester King” are at the heart of everything we do, which is why it is of utmost importance that our brewery, farm, and kitchen remains a safe place where everyone can continue relaxing, drinking, and enjoying the Hill Country scenery.

We, along with many other businesses, share the responsibility of minimizing the risks of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, as new cases are diagnosed across our country. The health of our guests and staff are our primary concern and we will continue to take all precautions advised by the Center for Disease Control. We must also consider the harm that this outbreak could have on our small businesses in Texas. For many of us, Jester King is not just a job, but rather our livelihood and how we all provide for ourselves and our families. We saw it best for the leaders of our company to meet and discuss actions we will take to stay healthy and fully operational:

- Any symptoms of illness must be reported to management as soon as possible.

- Hand-washing instructions have been issued to each staff member and are displayed at every sink with an ample supply of hand soap and hand towels.

- All staff must refrain from touching their face, eyes, nose, beard or any other body part while on shift. Hands must be washed and sanitized immediately after touching has occurred.

- Staff must not put their hands in glasses, even when wearing gloves. Avoid all contact with the rim of glasses.

- Hand sanitizer (+60% ethanol) will be available at each bar for staff and guests to use.

- All coughs and sneezes must be covered by the pit of the elbow or a tissue that is immediately disposed of.

- Any guest wishing to avoid close contact with others is encouraged to patronize one of our bars that are completely outdoors in open air that is constantly ventilated.

We hope to withstand any decline in business this may bring by conscientiously following these measures and keeping the spirit of Jester King alive in these challenging times. We are also staying alert, listening to all updates from medical professionals with each new day. We want Jester King to continue being a place to get away from the stresses we endure each week to gather over world class food and beer with friends and family.

Our hearts go out to the growing number of people around the world who are or have been directly affected by COVID-19. We admire the bravery, expertise, and selflessness required to be a medical professional during this time. To all of you who have supported us throughout the past decade, cheers, and we hope to see you out on the farm soon.

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