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Bread Program Launches this Friday!

We're very excited to announce that our bread program at Jester King will launch this Friday, March 8th! We'll have fresh loaves of bread available to take home or enjoy onsite at our tasting room and restaurant!

The philosophy behind our bread is virtually identical to that of our beer. We take well water, mix it with flour from Texas-grown grains, then ferment the dough with the same mixed culture of brewers yeast and wild yeast and bacteria that we use to make our beer. We then bake the bread in a wood-fired oven. The idea is create bread that's uniquely tied to our central Texas environment.

Leading our bread program is Head Baker Amanda Loadman.

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Amanda writes:

"Upon my first visit to Jester King, I was introduced to the overwhelmingly unanimous desire for a bread program. It seemed like an obvious addition to the growing culinary program, as bread and beer are siblings. One could even argue they are twins. As I began working at Jester King and continued to be introduced to the culture, values, and people, I couldn’t deny that a bread program encapsulates them all. Time, place, and people is the underlying philosophy on which all Jester King projects sprout from, and our bread is able to be a physical representation of that.

Barton Springs Mill flour, Texas well water, and active mixed culture pulled from our very own beer make up the dough’s basic ingredients. Each batch is slightly different from the one before, and can never be duplicated, much like our beer. Every mixed culture lends a slightly different flavor to the bread, as well as varying degrees of active fermentation.

The bread program could not exist without each department at Jester King lending a hand -- our brewing team for the mixed culture, farming for ingredients, engineering working diligently on our baking equipment, and our vitally important front of house staff to educate our guests about our bread. I am extremely excited to launch this program, and to continue moving forward with all the possibilities it allows."

Loaves of our Levain and Foccacia will be available at all our bars starting Friday. To go bags will be hand-dated, numbered, and indicate which beer the mixed culture came from. In the weeks and months ahead, we will also be introducing specialty loaves using seasonal ingredients from our farm and surrounding community.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Jester King, which stems from our passion for local agriculture and wild fermentation! Cheers!

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Image gallery of our bread program