Atrial Rubicite Late Release This Weekend

We have decided to release a limited number of kegs and bottles of 2019 Atrial Rubicite this weekend in the Tasting Room and Kitchen. The reason for this late release is a result of our decision to not make 2019 Sherry Barrel Atrial Rubicite.

From Jester King Senior Brewer Sean Spiller:

“For this year’s Atrial Rubicite, we reserved a good portion of the finished beer to be put in sherry barrels for Sherry Barrel Atrial Rubicite. When the barrels showed up, we were not confident in the process of aging Atrial Rubicite in these particular barrels.

In years past, we’ve had issues with Sherry Barrel Atrial Rubicite turning acetic (sharp acidity) in the barrel. This forced us to make the painful decision to not release the beer. So, due to the nature of the sherry barrels we received, we decided not to take the risk and instead keg the remaining Atrial Rubicite. Along with the small keg release, we’ve decided to release a small amount of 2019 Atrial Rubicite from our cellar.”

We will have 2019 Atrial Rubicite available by the glass and in bottles to go (500mL/$20) while supplies last. Around 340 bottles are available with a limit of 3 bottles per person per day.