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Announcing SPON Day at Schera's in Elkader, Iowa - June 23rd

We're excited to announce that on Saturday, June 23rd from 12-5pm, we're teaming up with our dear friends Frederique Boudouani and Brian Bruening of Schera's Algerian-American in Elkader, Iowa and Abu Nawas Beverage Company to host the first ever Jester King SPON Day!

SPON Day will be a celebration of our 100% spontaneously fermented beers, as well our farmhouse ales from the Texas Hill Country. The event will include the beers listed below, and Jester King co-founder Jeffrey Stuffings will be on-hand to celebrate with guests!

Here's a link to tickets and further details:


2017 SPON Three Year Blend (Blend 5)

2017 SPON Blueberry & Pitaya

2017 SPON Peach & Apricot

2017 SPON Syrah & Sangiovese

2016 SPON Albariño & Blanc du Bois

2016 Bière de Lenoir

Grim Harvest

Song of Binding

Part & Parcel


2017 Vague Recollection

Saison Américaine

Aurelian Lure

Colonel Toby

* Additional Jester King beers will be available for to go purchase.

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