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Announcing Deimos' Companion - A Collaboration with Revolution Spirits

We’re excited to announce that this Friday at 4pm, we will be releasing Deimos’ Companion – a farmhouse ale brewed with papalo and refermented with lime juice and zest. This beer is part of a collaboration with our friends and neighbors, Revolution Spirits, who distilled Phobos’ Companion – a spirit intended to be blended with Deimos’ Companion to create a beer cocktail. Both the beer and the spirit are meant to stand on their own but when combined together, create an enhanced experience inspired by a michelada.

We have worked with Revolution Spirits in the past. For this project, we decided to essentially deconstruct a cocktail, and what we landed on was the michelada which is most often made with Mexican beer, salt, lime, hot sauce or chile flakes, and Worcestershire sauce or Clamato.

Our beer and Revolution’s spirit each cover different flavor components of a michelada. Deimos’ Companion is meant to exhibit the beer and lime components while Phobos’ Companion provides spice from the chile peppers and the flavors often found in Clamato or Worcestershire. Phobos' companion is infused with three different chiles (arbol, cascabel, and pasilla), horseradish, black peppercorns, celery seed, and arame (a type of seaweed).

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To create this cocktail on your own, mix the two at a 6:1 ratio – for every 6 parts of Deimos’ Companion add 1 part Phobos’ Companion.

This project was named for the two moons of Mars – Deimos and Phobos. The label for Jester King’s Deimos’ Companion features the moon Phobos while the label for Revolution Spirit’s Phobos’ Companion features the moon Deimos.

Deimos’ Companion was brewed with malted and flaked Barley, Rye, and a cereal mash of Barton Springs Milled Cracked Yellow Corn. We added papalo (an herbaceous plant commonly grown in Mexico and South America with long bluish leaves and flavors reminiscent to cilantro and arugula) from La Flaca Farms to the whirlpool, then fermented the beer in stainless steel tanks with our mixed culture of native yeast and bacteria and later rested it in a foudre. Lime zest and juice was added to the beer before packaging.

Due to laws in Texas, we are not able to serve Deimos’ Companion with Phobos’ Companion at either Jester King or Revolution Spirits, but we plan to hold several events around town this month. Visit Sour Duck on Saturday, July 21st or Better Half on Saturday, July 28th to try the beer and spirit together in its intended cocktail form! Stay tuned for additional event announcements.

Deimos’ Companion will be available this Friday when the tasting room opens at 4pm. This beer will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (750mL/$14). Around 4,500 bottles are available. There’s no bottle limit. We anticipate limited distribution of Deimos’ Companion. Visit Revolution Spirits to purchase the other half of this collaboration.

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