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An Apology from Jester King regarding Peach Co-Fermentation Ale Limited Release

Last week we were quite pleased to release the results of our recent experiments with co-fermentation of fresh fruit and unfermented beer in our journey to create wine one day at Jester King. Unfortunately the sales of our Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Texas Hill Country Peaches limited release did not go as planned. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, especially for those of you who traveled from long distances only to be told your order could not be fulfilled.

We want to let you know what occurred, along with what immediate and long term actions we are taking to resolve and ensure that this issue does not occur again. We believe that having open and transparent communication with our guests and customers is paramount. As a company that values honesty and teamwork, this has not been our finest hour.

The number of bottles of Peach Co-fermentation that were packaged was far less than the final amount communicated to our Front of House team. Specifically, the number of items entered into the online sales platform was higher than -- and therefore not representative of -- what was physically available.

We again apologize to those of you who purchased but did not receive this special release. Our management has reached out to everyone whose purchases were not fulfilled and arranged for a replacement with an equal or greater value beer, or a refund to your credit card. Please note that refunds may take two to three days to process.

Additionally, our management will reach out again by email with information on additional action to be taken to make this situation right for those purchasers whose orders were unfulfilled. A portion of a limited edition spirits barrel-aged fruit beer from an early 2021 release will be set aside specifically as compensation for impacted purchasers. We hope that this reparation can lessen the frustration of this unfortunate experience. Please keep an eye out for an email from us later this week. You can also reach our FOH management team at or (512) 661-8736.

Our managers across all departments are working together to assess what went wrong, and how to prevent this problem from occurring again. This assessment will include evaluating and adjusting our inventory process and internal communication structure.

A final note --

Please understand that due to the continuing health crisis we’ve had to transform our beer release sales process dramatically at the same time that our staff numbers have been reduced. It’s been a steep learning curve to work with both our existing and new technology platforms to make our special release beers available. As humans, we still make mistakes and we intend to learn from this one.

We can and will do better. Please accept our sincerest apologies for this incident, and we hope that you will continue to patronize Jester King.