A Close Glimpse at our Farm Trail

Back in the fall, we announced our inaugural farm trail at Jester King. The half-mile trail is open to the public and starts next to our new restaurant. It passes through our farm, vineyard, goats and nascent hop yard.

The photos and words below provide a closer glimpse, which we hope you'll experience for yourself. Our farm trail is open during our regular operating hours Thursday to Sunday. Cheers!


After beginning near our restaurant, the trail winds through the outdoor seating area next to our brewery.


The first stop on the trail is our vineyard, which was planted in early 2018. We planted about 1,700 grape vines, which we hope to use for beer making and wine making in the future.


Along the vineyard runs our inaugural berm, which prevents water runoff and should lead to dry farming in the future.


The next stop is goats! We're slowly building our herd to open a dairy sometime in the coming years. Our goats are also a great source of fertilizer for our farm as they free range during the day. We offer farm tours at 2pm and 4pm on Saturdays, which gives visitors a chance to pet and hold our goats.


The final stop on our farm trail is our nascent hop yard. If the experiment goes well, we'll be able to make at least some beer that's 100% Texas ingredients. We currently source our hops from out of state. As the sign says, prayers are welcome!

Again, we hope you come enjoy our inaugural farm trail! We think it adds a nice way to enjoy time with friends and family at Jester King. We hope to add to it over the years to traverse our entire 165 acre ranch.