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2021 Balcones Bourbon Barrel-Aged 分 桃 (Fēn Táo)

Today we're releasing 2021 Balcones Bourbon Barrel-Aged 分 桃 (Fēn Táo)!

2021 Balcones Bourbon Barrel-Aged 分 桃 (Fēn Táo) is a double-barrel aged wild ale refermented with Texas Hill Country peaches. It was brewed in 2019, spent about a year aging in wine barrels, refermented with Hill Country peaches in 2020, then spent almost another year aging in Balcones Distilling Bourbon barrels! Naturally conditioned through 100% refermentation in the bottle. 7.7% abv.

We get aromas and flavors of bourbon peach smash, peach n' cream, Toaster Strudel™, and skillet bourbon peach crisp.

Order online for pickup at or visit our restaurant, brewery, and farm in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the edge of Austin. 504 bottles available (750ml/$40). Three bottle limit. Proxies welcome. Shipping & delivery illegal for TX craft brewers. Available by the glass at Jester King.

Thanks as always to the great folks at Balcones Distilling for providing us with amazing bourbon barrels!

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell