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2020 SPON Shiso & Fuyu Persimmon

Our latest SPON release is 2020 Shiso & Fuyu Persimmon!

We created a blend of three-year-old and two-year-old 100% spontaneously fermented beer matured in oak, then refermented it with hand-processed, Texas-grown Fuyu Persimmons from Lightsey Farms in Mexia, Texas near Waco. We complemented the tangy, sweet character of the persimmons with the earthy, herbaceous character of Red Shiso. Our brewing team gets notes of lemon verbena, Orange Tang, Sweet Tarts, red bean ice cream, musty cellar, and authentic Belgian Gueuze. Unfiltered. Naturally conditioned. 1.005 FG. 6.9% abv. 11 IBU. 3.6 pH.

On sale now for online ordering and at the Jester King Shop open seven days a week! (375ml / $20). 688 bottles. No limit. Proxies welcome. No distro. Beer shipping and delivery illegal under Texas law. Art by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Granger Coats.