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2019 SPON — Cab Franc & Zinfandel

Our last SPON beer of 2019 is being released this week, 2019 SPON — Cab Franc & Zinfandel!

2019 SPON — Cab Franc & Zinfandel is a blend of two year old and three year old 100% spontaneously fermented beer, refermented with two varietals of Texas-grown wine grapes. Cab Franc in particular has become one of our favorite wine grapes to work with for its rich dark fruit flavors.

We received the grapes at Jester King last summer, crushed and de-stemmed them, and added them to the blend of SPON. After three months of refermentation, the blend reached total dryness. We then racked the blend off the fruit and into bottles and kegs for natural refermentatation. 2019 SPON — Cab Franc & Zinfandel was packaged in November of 2019.

We're pleased to release this wonderful blend of beer and wine that began its fermentation journey three years ago during the winter of 2017. It is a beer that is true to our Texas Hill Country environment with well water, local grain, aged hops from our barn, and 100% spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast. We're very pleased to be able to offer it at Jester King.

2019 SPON — Cab Franc & Zinfandel will be released this Thursday, January 23rd when our kitchen opens at 4pm. It's 7.5% alcohol by volume, 10 IBU, 3.5 pH, and has a finishing gravity of 1.001 (0.25 degrees Plato). It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (375ml/$25). We have 1,500 bottles available with a limit of four.

Art by Josh Cockrell

Photos by Granger Coats

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