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2019 Nocturn Chyrsalis this Friday

We’re pleased to announce 2019 Nocturn Chrysalis — our barrel aged beer refermented with Marion blackberries! This is our sixth blend of Nocturn Chrysalis. This beer returns from a hiatus after skipping last year.

2019 Nocturn Chrysalis has an ABV of 6%. It was made by taking a blend of our base barrel stock, Das Überkind, then refermenting with Marion blackberries sourced from Decker Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon. It was packaged in July and allowed to referment in its vessel.

Nocturn Chrysalis will be released when our Tasting Room & Kitchen opens at 4pm on Friday, August 16th. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (500mL/$20). We have about 1,090 bottles with a bottle limit of four per customer per day. Aside from special events and a small handful of accounts, Nocturn Chrysalis will only be available at our Tasting Room & Kitchen.

Photography by Granger Coats.

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