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2018 Jester King 分 桃 (Fēn táo)

We're pleased to introduce 2018 Jester King 分 桃 (Fēn táo) — our barrel-aged wild ale refermented with Hill Country peaches! This year's blend was refermented on three different varieties of peaches (Carored, Regal and June Gold) grown at Vogel Orchard near Fredericksburg, Texas, about an hour drive west of Jester King.

We took the peaches straight from the orchard, macerated them by hand, and added them right into our beer in an effort to embrace as much as the terroir of the fruit as possible.

The base beer (Das Überkind) is simply brewed with well water, malt from Blacklands, a blend of fresh hops and aged hops from our barn, fermented with native yeast and bacteria cultured from plants and wildflowers around our brewery, and aged in neutral oak barrels with resident microflora alive in the staves. Complexity, uniqueness and expression of place through patience and simplicity is what we aim to achieve.

2018 Jester King 分 桃 (Fēn táo) is our fifth ever blend. It's 6.0% alcohol by volume and was packaged in July, 2018. It will be released this Labor Day weekend starting on Friday, August 31st at 4pm. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (500ml/$20). We have about 2,200 bottles available with a bottle limit of four per person. 分 桃 (Fēn táo) will only be available at our tasting room aside from special events.

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