Beers currently available at Jester King.


Fearless Traveler

(collab w/Cerveza Granizo) ale brewed w/smoked chilis, coriander, salt and refermented w/prickly pears

Le Petit Prince.jpg

Le Petit Prince

table beer

MVB 1.jpg

Montmorency vs Balaton

barrel aged beer refermented w/cherries

ProvLL 1-1.jpg

Provenance Lemon Lime

ale fermented w/ Texas lemon & lime

spon 3yr blend.jpg

SPON 3 Year Blend

blend of 1, 2, and 3 year aged spontaneously fermented beer

SPON Muscat.jpg

SPON Muscat

spontaneously fermented beer refermented w/muscat grapes

spon shiraz  cab sauv.jpg

SPON Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon

spontaneously fermented beer refermented w/ shiraz and cabernet sauvignon grapes

spon still.jpg

SPON Still

still spontaneously fermented beer

SUMHF 1.jpg

Super Ultramega Hyperforce

ale w/ tarragon, ginger salt, and refermented w/ cantaloupe

twilight oblivion.jpg

Twilight Oblivion

(collab with Red Horn) baltic porter refermented w/TX mourvedre grapes

Vague Recollection.jpg

Vague Recollection

ale aged on tempranillo & sangiovese pomace

Viking Metal.jpg

Viking Metal

gin barrel-aged ale w/ smoked malt, juniper, & sweet gale