Beers currently available at Jester King

El Cedro.jpg

El Cedro

hoppy cedar spiral aged ale

Le Petit Prince.jpg

Le Petit Prince

farmhouse table beer


Mr. Mingo

farmhouse ale w/ roselle hibiscus

Nocturn 5.jpg

Nocturn Chrysalis

barrel aged beer refermented w/ blackberries

No Whalez Here.jpg

No Whalez Here

farmhouse witbier w/lavender, coriander, and Texas oranges

Pattinson Porter 1.jpg

Pattinson Porter

historical Eastern German porter (collab w/ beer historian Ron Pattinson)

Snorkel (2).jpg


ale w/ oyster mushrooms and alderwood smoked sea salt

spon 3yr blend.jpg

SPON 3 Year Blend

blend of 1, 2, and 3 year aged spontaneously fermented beer

SPON Estate Honey 1.jpg

SPON Estate Honey

100% spontaneously fermented beer refermented w/ honey from the Jester King Farm

SPON Muscat.jpg

SPON Muscat

spontaneously fermented beer refermented w/muscat grapes

Urban Mutation 1.jpg

Urban Mutation

barrel-aged ale refermented w/ Motueka hop infused honey; made in collaboration w/ Other Half Brewing Co. (Brooklyn, NY)

Vernal Dichotomous.jpg

Vernal Dichotomous

ale brewed with rice toasted in-house and lemongrass, then refermented w/foraged loquats