Jester King Craft Brewery

Why can't we find your beer?

We’ve had a number of people e-mail us or post comments on social media saying that they’ve had an increasingly hard time finding our beer. It turns out they’re right. We’ve actually been sending out less beer than before. The reason for this is that half our brew sessions are for farmhouse ale (Boxer’s Revenge and Das Wunderkind!). In other words, half the beer we brew won’t be released for four to six months.

Our self-imposed decision to take away half our immediate brewing capacity is a financial challenge for sure, but we don’t want to just pump out as much Wytchmaker and Black Metal as we can. We actually think that would be kind of boring. It’s our desire to become a true farmhouse brewery that incorporates wild fermentation and barrel aging into everything we brew.

In order to do that, we have to stay committed to consistently brewing farmhouse ale multiple times a month even though we can’t sell the beer for quite a long time after we brew it. Our model is not to eventually put out 25,000 barrels of IPA and stout. Rather, we want to brew a small quantity of farmhouse ale slowly fermented and matured in oak barrels to create the complexity and depth of flavor that we love so much. Staying committed to this goal and philosophy means there won’t be as much of our Anglo-American beers out there in bars and bottle shops, but we think the trade off will eventually be really worth it!