Jester King Craft Brewery

Second Collaboration with Live Oak Brewing Co. Begins

This morning we began our second collaboration with the incomparable Live Oak Brewing Co. in Austin, Texas!

For our second collaboration, following Kollaborationsbier released in October of 2014, we’re brewing Hefeweizen wort at Live Oak and transporting it to Jester King for fermentation. We plan on transferring the wort into a foudre, inoculating it with Live Oak’s Hefeweizen culture, allowing primary fermentation to occur, then moving the beer to oak barrels, and inoculating it with our house culture of brewer’s yeast and locally harvested native yeast and bacteria. The beer will then continue to ferment in oak barrels for several months and hopefully develop some interesting and enjoyable flavors and aromas.

Thanks again to Live Oak for working with us! It’s truly an honor, as Live Oak was one of the small handful of breweries that inspired us to make beer in the first place.