Jester King Craft Brewery

Reminder: We'll be doing tours and tastings every Saturday

We just wanted to mention again that we’ll be doing tours and tastings every Saturday from here on out from 1 to 4pm, so don’t feel like this weekend is your only chance. We say this because our supply of beer is very limited and we’re nervous about running out.

We’ll be doubling our fermentation capacity next month when two 60 bbl tanks arrive at the brewery, but for now we don’t have beer for much more than 100 people or so. We didn’t want to have to wait another month until our capacity doubles to start doing tours and tastings either.

This week we’ll only have Wytchmaker Rye IPA and Black Metal Imperial Stout. Next week we’ll have Commercial Suicide and the week after that we’ll have Drink’in the Sunbelt. Eventually we’ll have our farmhouse ales to add to our lineup of Anglo-American beers. Hope to see you all soon, just not all this Saturday!