Jester King Craft Brewery

On the Montmorency vs Balaton Blend 2 Release

This past weekend we released our second blend of Montmorency vs Balaton. We were very flattered by the turnout. We’re less than five years removed from being homebrewers with the dream of going pro, so seeing people wait in line in the rain to purchase our beer is a very humbling, flattering experience.

One downside to the release were the people who chose to ignore our one bottle per customer per day limit. The limit is designed to boost access to our beer, and the people who violated it deprived others of the chance to purchase. We managed to stop several people throughout the course of the weekend who attempted to go through the Montmorency vs Balaton line multiple times. However, other people were successful in breaking the limit. Certain individuals managed to go through the line more than once by removing the ink stamp applied to each customer’s hand upon purchasing a bottle and/or by using disguises to fool our staff.

When our tasting room opens this Friday, March 27th at 4pm, we will have approximately 480 bottles of Montmorency vs Balaton blend 2 left for sale. We will attempt to strictly enforce the limit of one bottle per customer. We will be staffing an employee whose sole job is to be on the lookout for violators. Those who break the policy will be asked to leave our brewery. Additionally, we will be attempting to stop a rather unfortunate practice where individuals move from table to table in our courtyard, attempting to recruit our guests to act as “mules” for them, in order to secure as many bottles as possible. We absolutely hate seeing this, as it detracts from our overarching goal for Jester King, which is to have the brewery be a calm, scenic place in the Texas Hill Country to enjoy great beer, wine, and cider in a peaceful, relaxed environment. Individuals who harass our customers to act as mules, so as to take their one bottle allotment, will also be asked to leave the brewery.

We obviously don’t enjoy posting on a negative topic. However, we take this issue seriously, and will continue to strive to make Jester King a wonderful destination location at all times, including during our bottle releases.