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Calvados Aurelian Update / Olas Espaciales / Beer Cocktail

Jolly Pumpkin / Jester King Olas Espaciales

We have a couple updates for this weekend at Jester King…

First off, Jeff we mistakenly posted that we have Calvados Barrel Aged Aurelian Lure by the glass. We only have this beer in bottles to go (1,150 bottles / limit 1). We’re sorry for this mistake. We only had two Calvados barrels to fill with Aurelian Lure, so we didn’t have enough beer to fill kegs.

Second, we’re very excited to have Jolly Pumpkin / Jester King Olas Espaciales on our menu this weekend! This is Jolly Pumpkin’s version of Space Waves, which we released at Jester King last August. Olas Espaciales was made with lime, salt, and Michigan cherries. Here’s Daniel Ohly of Jolly Pumpkin’s words about the beer:

“Ron (Jeffries) took a trip out to the Hill Country just outside of Austin, Texas back in April of 2016 to visit his friends at Jester King. Jester King has been in these majestic Texas hills for the past 7 years, making fantastic beers utilizing natural yeast and local agriculture. The result of this trip was a collaboration, “Space Waves.” As soon as Ron returned to Dexter, we couldn’t wait to do our own take on it — “Olas Espaciales.” To make Olas Espaciales, we used lime salt and cherry puree, with a rather complex hop bill, and allowed it to age 10 months in oak. Olas Espaciales reminds us of hot Texas days, refreshing beers in the shade of oak trees, and truly amazing company. We hope you can share this beer with friends new and old.”

Jolly Pumpkin was kind enough to make special Texas label for Olas Espaciales that doesn’t say “Jester King” on it. They had to do this to be compliant with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). TABC’s position is that it is illegal for a licensed out of state brewery (Jolly Pumpkin) to collaborate with a licensed Texas brewpub (Jester King). TABC considers this a three-tier violation. Our position is that First Amendment commercial free speech protects our ability to convey factual information to our customers about how a beer was made. It is simply a fact that Olas Espaciales was a collaboration between Jolly Pumpkin and Jester King, and Jolly Pumpkin shouldn’t be censored by the government from saying this on the label. We’re currently waiting to see how this case plays out before deciding to take legal action against TABC.

We have six slims kegs of Olas Espaciales ($4/4oz pour, $9/12oz pour) and 120 bottles ($16/750ml/limit 1) for sale. In honor of Olas Espaciales and Jolly Pumpkin, we have 24 bottles of Space Waves on our cellar menu this weekend.

Lastly, we have a beer cocktail on our menu this weekend made with our friends from Drink.Well. in Austin! Its name is “Eddie Would Go”, and it’s made with Jester King Rare Corals, bitters, fresh lemon juice, fresh strawberries, Lustau PX San Emilio Sherry, and house made falernum syrup. Here’s Drink.Well.‘s Becca Yannone describing the beer cocktail:

“I was blown away with Rare Corals! The balance of salinity with tropical fruit and strawberries was something that I wanted to play up in my cocktail. After tasting Rare Corals, I went home and immediately got to work trying to highlight the flavors of the beer. My goal was to coax out the uniqueness, and I felt that I was able to delicately do that and create one hell of a “tiki-shandy.” The beer was inspired by surf culture, and the name of the cocktail, “Eddie Would Go”, is a nod to the culture that inspired the beer.”

The beer cocktail is being served on draught over ice at our tasting room this weekend. Special thanks to our Operations Manager Matt Piper for his work this project.

Cheers, Jeff

Eddie Woud Go