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New Blog Post from Farmer Peppy — THE BABES HATH BORN

Goats 2-27-18-3017

Belt your songs of praise above, and hold torch to the heavens, our first goat kidding season is upon and gone with 13 little ones in all. Luna led the charge by delivering not four, but FIVE babies. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Surprisingly the birthing was calm, peaceful, and she has since taken on all five kids for feeding without assistance. Pictured above is Lilith, potentially the Princess of Destruction, but if she turns out sweet we’ll just call her “Lilly” for short.

Goats 2-27-18 2-3006

Next in Luna’s ranks is Lantana, a more land driven lady. She was first to step outside into the bright, green world of life. Potentially gonna make her wear a ball cap so we can tell the two apart.

Goats 2-27-18-3030

Finally there is Fiona, just a little raspberry of a goat. Her face says evil, but her little tippy taps say please pick me up and cuddle. Sporting very unique markings, a Nigerian Dwarf goat’s coat is like a fingerprint — no two exactly alike.

Goats 2-27-18-3046

Which brings us to the twins, the daughters of Bean, Garbanzo and Calypso. Garby is a tad more husky, where as Calypso is a bit more likely to capture a Greek god. Both are incredibly sweet and will not leave each other’s side at all. Just two beans in a pod.

Goats 2-27-18-3146

Baptized by Teeter, blessed under beer foam, welcome to the Kingdom, our family, our home.
Together we stand, both human and horned, fighting for a better future, together as one.

Goats 2-27-18-3123

Come meet all the gang at Jester King’s first DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA where one of the many babies may eat your hair or jump on your back. Metal gets goats super jacked, it’s a well-known science.

Tickets to DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA here.

— Farmer Peppy