Jester King Craft Brewery

Jester King Saison Américaine Batch 2

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This Friday, January 12th, we’ll be releasing our second batch of Saison Américaine. Jester King Saison Américaine is our take on an American-inspired version of the style. We interpret this to mean more acidity in the profile of the beer. Classic saison from Europe, in our experience, tends to have low amounts of perceived acidity. American counterparts (with many exceptions) often have noticeable acidity through mixed fermentation in wood vessels.

For Saison Américaine, we age a simple wort brewed with well water, malted barley, raw wheat and hops in one of our oak foudres for a few months and allow the bacteria in our mixed culture to create acidity. The acidity is bolstered by a relatively low dose of hops in the boil. Our mixed culture is pretty sensitive to hops, and a fairly large dose in the boil tends to keep our beer from becoming sour for several months.

Saison Américaine batch 2 is 5.9% alcohol by volume, 15 IBU, 3.8 pH, and has a finishing gravity of 1.001 (0.25 Plato). It was brewed on September 12th, 2017 and packaged on November 28th, 2017. It will be released when our tasting room opens at 4pm this Friday and well be available by the glass and in bottles to go (750ml/$14). We have about 2,900 bottles available, and there’s no bottle limit. We anticipate that some of batch 2 will be distributed beyond our tasting room.

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