Jester King Craft Brewery

Jester King/Mikkeller Drink'in the Sunbelt Organic Hoppy Wheat Beer

We just received labels for Jester King / Mikkeller Drink’in the Sunbelt Organic Hoppy Wheat Beer. We’ll be labeling the beer and getting it out to market hopefully next week.

There are a few differences between this year’s Drink’in the Sunbelt and last year’s:

• This year’s version is USDA Certified Organic. It’s the first USDA Certified Organic beer brewed in Texas that we’re aware of.

• The alcohol by volume is slightly lower on this year’s version (3.9% ABV) making it a little more sessionable.

• We brewed Drink’in the Sunbelt this year with farmhouse yeast as opposed to last year’s version brewed with English yeast.

• We used a healthy dose of Zythos hops to brew and dry hop this year’s version.