Jester King Craft Brewery

Jester King Funk Metal Sour Barrel-Aged Stout

We’re excited to announce the release of Jester King Funk Metal Sour Barrel-Aged Stout. Funk Metal is an 8.2% alcohol, unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally conditioned imperial stout fermented with farmhouse yeast, aged for months in oak barrels with wild yeast and souring bacteria, and then hand-blended with other barrel-aged beer to round out the palate. The finished beer retains aromas of chocolate and roast but takes on a distinct vinous character and sour complexity from extended aging and fermentation in oak barrels.

A very small number of kegs and casks of Funk Metal have already made appearances in Texas over the last few months, as well as at the Borefts Beer Festival in The Netherlands. However, the vast majority of Funk Metal was conditioned in 750ml bottles, which will be distributed throughout Texas over the next few weeks. A very small number of cases will also be distributed in select out of state markets.

Funk Metal is presently a limited release beer from Jester King with only a little over 200 cases (750ml x12) available. It takes quite a long time to make (about eight months) and also requires a lot of space for oak aging. Despite these constraints, we have already incorporated several more batches of it into our barrel program in order to make it more commonly available in the future.

Funk Metal t-shirts are now available at our webstore and at Jester King during our Saturday tours and tastings. The shirts are 14 color print, American Apparel and are available for $25.