Jester King Craft Brewery

Jester King Buddha's Brew

We’re pleased to introduce Jester King Buddha’s Brew, brewed in collaboration with Austin’s own Buddha’s Brew Kombucha. Buddha’s Brew is a 4.7% alcohol by volume sour wheat ale fermented entirely in oak barrels and blended with Buddha’s Brew Kombucha.

Buddha’s Brew is the first Jester King beer to be fermented entirely in oak. We racked unfermented wort directly into oak barrels and inoculated it with souring bacteria. From there, it spent nine months aging in our barrel room before being blended with live Kombucha from Buddha’s Brew at bottling. Like all our beer, it’s unfiltered, unpasteurized & naturally carbonated through re-fermentation in the bottle.

We love collaborating with other local artisans whose crafts we enjoy and respect, especially those who, like us, create interesting and complex flavors through fermentation. Buddha’s Brew Kombucha produces some of our favorite locally made beverages. Their fermented tea is fresh, raw, alive and brewed with fair trade and organic ingredients. We’d long been interested in allowing their live culture to interact with our beer to create unique flavors, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them.

Buddha’s Brew will be released on Saturday, September 15th at Jester King during our regular tour and tasting hours from 1 to 4pm. The folks from Buddha’s Brew will be on hand to help celebrate the release. There will be live music, a food truck and Jester King Buddha’s Brew t-shirts available for purchase. Following the debut of Buddha’s Brew at Jester King on September 15th, a small number of kegs and casks will be released to select accounts in Texas with a larger bottle release taking place thereafter.