Jester King Craft Brewery

Jester King Beer Dinner at Gardner 10/27

We’re pleased to announce that on Tuesday, October 27th at during Austin Beer Week, there will be a seven course beer dinner at Gardner! We’ve been tremendously impressed with Gardner since they opened last year, and have been inspired by the thoughtfulness and creativity with which they have approached our beer dinner with them.

Here’s the menu for the dinner, which can also be viewed here.


Funk Metal: Malted Barley Cracker, Black Garlic Puree
Dehydrated Scallop Cocktail with Jester King Vinegar: Beet Tataki, Apple, Ginger, Coriander, Benne Seed

El Cedro: Shrimp, Acorn Squash, Chicken Skin, Garlic, Autumn Herbs

Snörkel: Smoked Fish Dip, Fermented Mushroom Wheat Crackers (Family Style)

Bière de Miel: Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkin Seed Miso, Pickled Ramps, Goat Cheese

Wytchmaker: Braised Escarole, Charred Grapefruit, Rye- Duck Offal Stuffing

分桃 (Fēn táo): Pork Loin, Pinto Beans, Peach Vinegar Broth

2015 Estival Dichotomous: Beer poured over shaved ice with dried melons and basil

Foudreweizen: Chocolate, Roasted Banana Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche, Sesame

The dinner is $100 per person. The reception starts at 6:00pm and seating begins at 6:45pm. Reservations can be made through Gardner’s reservation page.