Jester King Craft Brewery

Introducing Jester King Viking Metal

Viking Metal (7.4% alcohol by volume) is our rendition of an ancient Swedish farmhouse ale called Gotlandsdricka, which we aged in Old Tom gin barrels for several months with wild yeast and souring bacteria. Gotlandsdricka was brewed with birchwood smoked malt (smoked in house), juniper and Myrica gale. After primary fermentation with farmhouse yeast, we racked the beer to oak barrels previously containing Old Tom gin and inoculated it with mature barrel aged beer, containing wild yeast and souring bacteria. After seven months of oak fermentation and maturation, we blended the barrels and naturally conditioned the beer for an additional six weeks prior to release.

When we first brewed Gotlandsdricka last summer, we noted that the ancient style on which it was based was brewed long before the discovery of cultured brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and the advent of modern brewing practices such as fermentation in closed stainless steel vessels. As a result, the ancient style would have undoubtedly soured with time given its exposure to naturally occurring wild yeast and bacteria. We do not claim Viking Metal to be an authentic historical recreation. However, given that it’s influenced by wild yeast and souring bacteria, we suspect that it is closer to its ancient counterpart than our “clean” version of Gotlandsdricka fermented last summer in a closed vessel with only brewer’s yeast.

Viking Metal continues our lineup of metal themed beers joining Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Funk Metal. Why metal themed beers? Because we like metal, and it’s fun.

We sent a sneak peak of Viking Metal to last Saturday’s Big Texas Beer Fest in Dallas. On Saturday, April 13th, we’ll have Viking Metal available for sampling at our tasting room, and our neighbor Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza will have a limited amount of Viking Metal for sale on draught. Viking Metal will also be served at the following upcoming events:

Flix Brewhouse Firkin Fest on 4/21
The Draught House on 4/26
Craft Beer Festival at The Dancing Bear Pub on 4/27
Jester King beer dinner at The Monterey on 5/21
Asheville Rare & Wild Beer Tasting on 5/31

A limited release of Viking Metal in 750ml bottles will follow once label approval has been received.

Viking Metal label art