Jester King Craft Brewery

Introducing Cerveza de Mezquite

We’re pleased to introduce Cerveza de Mezquite — a farmhouse ale brewed with mesquite beans foraged from the Texas Hill Country!

Mesquite beans have intrigued us for quite some time. We’ve long seen them growing on the mesquite trees all around us, but up until now, we’ve yet to make beer with them. Perhaps what intrigued us the most is their aroma, which we’d describe as having a brown sugar / molasses character. In this case, we took the beans (pictured below), hand-crushed them, and added them late in the boil.

The base beer was quite simple, brewed on September 14, 2016 with malted barley from Blacklands Malt, malted wheat, rolled oats, and Goldings hops. Cerveza de Mezquite was fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria. It was packaged on October 19, 2016 and 100% naturally conditioned through refermentation in bottles and kegs. At the time of packaging, Cerveza de Mezquite was 5.6% alcohol by volume, 29 IBU, 4.4 pH, and 1.002 specific gravity (0.5 degrees Plato).

Cerveza de Mezquite is dedicated to former Jester King brewer Ismael Salas.

We’ll release Cerveza de Mezquite at our tasting room at 4pm on Friday, April 7th. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (750ml/$14). The bottle limit is 4 bottles per customer per day. Approximately 3,500 bottles are available. After the initial release at Jester King, we anticipate Cerveza de Mezquite will see limited distribution in Texas.

Mesquite beans