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Flood Independent Distribution On Recent Texas Legal Victory

Here’s a highly encouraging and refreshing take on the recent Live Oak Brewing / Peticolas Brewing Company / Revolver Brewing legal victory in Texas. We’re proud to call Flood Independent Distribution our distributor.

“A few days late to the party, but: We’re very pleased to hear the results of Live Oak Brewing Company and Peticolas Brewing Company’s lawsuit against the state to remove the restrictions on the sale of their brand rights. The ruling is another incremental step towards balanced, fair dealings in the Texas craft beer industry, and we’re pleased to see things moving in the right direction. Breweries are the cornerstone of the craft beer scene, and anything that puts them at an artificial disadvantage hurts all of us.

Live Oak has been working for over 19 years, and Peticolas for nearly 5 years, to promote their beers, develop their brands, and grow their businesses. These years of work and tangible gains were not allowed to be a part of the conversation when signing over their distribution rights (for life – Texas franchise law binds a brewery to a distributor for life). The same criteria are the cornerstone of distributor-to-distributor brand sale agreements. We’ve never heard a solid argument to justify such a blatant double standard within the law.

We strongly disagree with the previous and continued efforts to pass backdoor legislation meant to hinder breweries ability to grow and succeed in this state. It’s cowardly to hide behind a set of unjust laws to maximize profits. We look forward to the two remaining rulings coming in the next several weeks, brewery to-go beer sales and the legality of crowlers, both of which we are strongly in support of.

We’re moving in the right direction. With the victories on the legislation/litigation front, and more and more breweries putting out fantastic beer, we’re on our way to having a truly world-class craft beer scene.”