Jester King Craft Brewery

A Final Note on Last Weekend's Atrial Rubicite Magnum Release


We appreciate everyone who reached out to us to share their experiences with last weekend’s release of Atrial Rubicite in magnum bottles. We appreciate the feedback, and it was uplifting to read so many nice things written about our beer, brewery, and staff.

We know in hindsight we setup a system destined to fail, where people who followed our requests ultimately got punished for it. First come, first serve was no way to handle such a limited release. We’re sorry for the resulting drama that ensued, and we feel bad it cast a negative shadow on some of our customers’ experiences at Jester King last weekend.

We had a chance this week to sit down as a staff and discuss how to go about similar releases in the future. Going forward, we’ll be moving to a lottery system for similar releases, and lottery winners will have multiple weekends to show up and purchase their beer. Also, people we see re-selling our beer online won’t be eligible for future lotteries.

Before next time, we’ll post details on how the lottery will work, etc. But until then, please know that we don’t want our customers to have to go to crazy lengths to get our beer, and we especially don’t want them to have to deal with drama and ugliness. Lines from time to time (especially ones under an hour) are something we’re willing to tolerate, and we appreciate our customers dealing with them. But having to resort to anything more than that is not something we want our customers to have to experience.

We believe Jester King is a special place, and we’re very protective about having our customers feel like they had a really wonderful, unique experience visiting us. While things undoubtedly won’t be perfect moving forward, we will treat this as a learning experience and make sure things go much more smoothly next time around.

Thanks and we appreciate all the kind words and support!