Jester King Craft Brewery

Expanded Tasting Room Hours & Atrial Rubicite Release


We have five cases (60 bottles) of Atrial Rubicite leftover from the bottle release. They’ll go on sale this Friday, September 13th at 5pm at our tasting room on a first come, first served basis with a limit of one bottle per customer.

We realize we previously had stated the limit on leftover bottles would be three. However, it seemed a little paltry to put additional bottles on sale when likely only twenty people would get them. At least this way sixty people will receive a bottle. We apologize for backtracking on the limit, but we think this is more fair.

Lastly, we’ll be busy Friday afternoon finishing our brewing duties and preparing our tasting room, so we won’t be able to accommodate any visitors until 5pm.


Everyone who registered for the Atrial Rubicite release will be receiving confirmation e-mails with your pickup date and bottle allotment by the end of today.

Based on the response we received, the bottle limit for Atrial Rubicite is three (3) per person.

If you requested three or more bottles, you’ll be able to purchase three on your pickup day. However, please note that if you requested fewer than three bottles, your allocation will only be what you requested. For instance, if you requested two bottles, you’ll only be able to purchase two on your pickup day. And if you requested one bottle, you’ll only be able to purchase one on your pickup day.

Thanks as always for your interest. We’re very flattered and appreciative you’d like to spend your hard earned money on the beer we make.

Expanded Tasting Room Hours

Starting Labor Day weekend, we will be expanding our tasting room hours as follows:

Friday: 5 to 9pm
Saturday: Noon to 6pm
Sunday: Noon to 6pm

We are able to expand our tasting room hours because Texas law has changed and we are now allowed to sell beer at our brewery. We will be expanding our tasting room hours again sometime this fall, but for now, we’ll be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting Friday, August 30th. Our next-door neighbor Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza will also be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting Labor Day weekend serving their delicious, creative, wood-fired pizza.

Atrial Rubicite Release

We will be releasing Atrial Rubicite at our brewery over the course of two consecutive weekends — the weekend of Friday, August 30th through Sunday, September 1st (Labor Day weekend) and Friday, September 6th through Sunday, September 8th. We’ve developed a system for our Atrial Rubicite bottle release that we think is fair, flexible, efficient and will hopefully avoid long lines, unnecessary waiting, getting up early, and other annoyances. Here’s how is works:

● Atrial Rubicite will be available for sale at our tasting during the following hours:

First Weekend
Friday, August 30th – 5-9 pm
Saturday, August 31st – 12-6pm
Sunday, September 1st – 12-6pm

Second Weekend
Friday, September 6th – 5-9 pm
Saturday, September 7th – 12-6pm
Sunday, September 8th – 12-6pm

● If you’d like to purchase one or more bottles of Atrial Rubicite, please fill in the signup form linked to below. By filling in the form, you reserve your opportunity to purchase Atrial Rubicite during our tasting room hours on the day of your choosing (8/30, 8/31, 9/1, 9/6, 9/7 or 9/8). We will only be selling bottles on these days to people who filled in the form.

● We will set a bottle purchase limit based upon how many people fill in the signup form. Bottle allocations are non-transferable.

● You must show up on the day you specified in the form to purchase your allocation. While there is no need to arrive early or right when our tasting room opens, you must arrive sometime during our tasting room hours on your specified day.

● You must present a valid photo ID matching the name and date of birth entered in the signup form.

● The cost will be $16 per 500 ml bottle. (Mix & match with other Jester King beers for a 10% discount when purchasing 12 bottles or more.)

● The deadline to fill in the signup form is Tuesday, August 27th at 5pm CST. We’ll close registration at that time.

● You will receive an email confirming your bottle allocation and pickup date on Wednesday, August 28th.

● Only one form may be submitted per person. Multiple entries will be deleted.

● Atrial Rubicite will also be available by the glass at Jester King throughout both bottle release weekends. We will be selling Atrial Rubicite t-shirts (pictured below) for $20/shirt.

● If there are any bottles leftover after the second weekend, they will be available on a first come, first served basis at our tasting room starting Friday, September 13th at 5pm. However, the same bottle purchase limit will still apply.