Jester King Craft Brewery

Das Wunderkind! Sour Saison Bottle Update & Frazer Pogue Collective Video

We’ve received word from our distributor that bottles of Das Wunderkind! Sour Saison have started leaving their warehouse and are arriving at bottle shops around Texas. We’ve heard reports of a few sightings so far. There are 100 cases (1,200 bottles) of Das Wunderkind! Sour Saison that will now be making their way to stores. This amount is in addition to the approximately 20 cases we self-distributed in January. As soon as we get a list of stores from our distributor, we’ll post it so that bottles will hopefully be easier to find.

We believe that Das Wunderkind! is the best encapsulation of our brewing philosophy that we’ve released thus far. It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally conditioned and relies on the world beyond cultured brewers yeast for its fermentation and flavor profile. In our opinion, an authentic farmhouse brewery is one that embraces its natural surroundings, and that’s what we’ve tried to do with Das Wunderkind! The water used to brew the beer comes from a well next to the brewery. Wild yeast and bacteria resident in the oak barrels used to age the beer and give it its distinctive flavors of sour, tart and funk is harvested from the night air at the brewery. In essence, it’s brewed so that people who drink it will experience the “sense of place” or terroir of our brewery in the Texas Hill Country.

Our good friends Andrew Pogue and Lars Frazer of the Frazer Pogue Collective were kind enough to use their artistic talents to make a video that speaks to the philosophy behind Das Wunderkind! Sour Saison. We hope you enjoy it.

Jester King Craft Brewery from Frazer Pogue Collective on Vimeo.