Jester King Craft Brewery

Das Wunderkind! Bottle Distribution

Our distributor sent us a report this week showing which establishments had received Das Wunderkind! Sour Saison. Now that Texas law no longer prohibits us from doing so, we’re passing that information along to you!

First, though, a few caveats:

– The report they sent us doesn’t show addresses and isn’t broken down by city or by on- vs off-premise. The establishments are therefore listed alphabetically by region, which isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing!
– At the time of the report, there were still several orders that hadn’t yet shipped, meaning that there are other establishments that will be receiving beer, or may have already received it, but that do not appear on the list.
– Retailers with multiple locations within a given county are allowed to transfer inventory between locations, so some of what was shipped may have ultimately gone to locations other than those listed.
– As there wasn’t a lot of beer to go around, no one got very much. Some of the places that received it may have already run out, so before making a special trip somewhere to look for it, we definitely recommend calling ahead.

So, with all of that said, here’s the list:

Barton Hill Food Mart – S. Lamar
Black Star Co-op
Fabi & Rosi
Flying Saucer
Foreign & Domestic
HEB #102
Hyde Park Market
King Liquors #3 – Burnet
Midway Mart
Mini’s Food Mart
Pecan Liquor
Red’s Porch
Rosedale Market
Specs #61
Specs #62
St Roch’s Bar
Sunrise Mini Mart
Tejas Liquors #3
Twin Liquor #7
Whip In
Whole Foods – Gateway

Dallas/Fort Worth
Angel’s Beverage Center
Bolsa Market
Brian’s Wine-Dallas
Cane Rosso
Dr Jeckyll’s Beer Lab
Flying Saucer – Ft Worth
Fossil Creek Liquor
Grapevine Beer & Wine
Hall’s Grocery
Kings Liquor #3 – Fort Worth
Las Colinas Beverages
Legacy Liquors
Lonestar Beer & Wine
Meddlesome Moth
Mr G’s
North Oak Cliff Beer & Wine
Off the Vine – Grapevine
Potager’s Other Stuff
S&K Beverages
Sam’s Beer & Wine
Trinity Hall
Whip In Flower Mound
Whole Foods – Parklane
World Beer Company
Zio Carlo

D&Q Mini Mart
HEB #109
Liberty Station
Specs #00

San Antonio
Freetail Brewing Company
Gabriels #60
HEB Central Market San Antonio
Hotel Havana

Grape & Grain Liquors
Judy’s Liquor
Roosevelts at 7