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Blog Post From Farmer Peppy — All Hail Goats!


Redevelopment of land can be implemented through many practices, though none are quite as powerful and enjoyable as the introduction of animals. When performed incorrectly the results can be catastrophic. Overgrazing specifically has plagued the state of Texas, destroying the soil and microbiology of the Earth. To ensure this never occurs, one must remain within the optimal carrying capacity each acre provides. Our starting herd will be well within these ranks as it is currently staffed by tiny goats and a goose.


A goat herd is operated as a matriarchy, meaning it is led through female empowerment of the Queen. In this case it is Luna. ALL HAIL LUNA! She is a full-blooded Nigerian Dwarf; It is under her guidance and wisdom that the unit operates as one. Luna is currently pregnant with an estimated four babies — three chambered to her right side with one more on the left. Having reached her full gestation period of 150 days, she is set to kid out at any day.


The only non-horned companion is our French Toulouse goose, Lucy. Her job is to perform as eyes and ears in search of strangers and predators, a scout if you will, to alert others of imminent danger. Though not much of a fighter, sometimes just acknowledging the enemy can be enough to thwart any damage. For those of you that have a respectable fear of geese, there is no need to worry, being raised from a gosling with the goats, she simply enjoys eating grass on a warm, sunny day.


Our plan for these beasts is to implement a holistic grazing strategy which simply converts subsoil into topsoil continuously over time. Goats specifically being a browser/forager perform the great duty of breaking down woody species to make room for more diverse pasture grasses. Their four-chambered ruminant stomachs convert these woody species that are inedible to humans into meat or dairy, extending life on this planet.


We have only begun the building of this mob and are in need of a few more recruits. First, a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD), Anatolian, Wolf-Hybrid, or Plott Hound to serve as a protector from nearby predators which include Bobcat, Coyote, Mountain Lion, and Jaguarundi. Secondly, we are looking for a baby alpaca, Huacaya preferred. Please email if you have any leads. Shortly we will be opening up the grounds for touring so that our patrons can meet and greet with all these lovely animals.

This Saturday, we will be tossing rocks to make room for farming projects. If you’re interested in volunteering for work and meeting the herd, email for details.

— Peppy
Jester King Farmer