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2017 Zwanze Day at Jester King

We are very honored and excited to be a site for 2017 Zwanze Day on Saturday, September 23rd! Zwanze Day is the one day per year when Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium releases a very special beer simultaneously all around the world. Here’s Jean Van Roy’s description of 2017 Zwanze, which is an ode to his son Sylvain, who will be turning 18 this year:

My youngest son, Sylvain, will be 18 come October. As we did for his older brother, Florian, I wanted to celebrate this milestone by dedicating a beer to him. And what better beer than the Zwanze. I wanted to involve Sylvain in choosing the beer, and when I asked him what blend we could make. He told me: “ I love iced tea, could we try a blend with tea?”. After a superb tasting of several different types of tea at “Nong Cha” tea shop in the center of Brussels, we chose three teas for trial blends with Lambics. After a few days of maturation with 2 years old Lambic, we decided on a “Oolong” (Wulong), a semi-fermented blue-green tea. The Lambic-tea blend gave a great result. The beer was delicate and round, with notes of fruit and slight bitterness. Sylvain is a huge fan of “Game of the Thrones” wich inspired the graphics for the 2017 edition of our Zwanze. But in our version, no one dies and everyone has a good beer !

Not only are we thrilled to be serving 2017 Zwanze this year (30L), but we’ll also have five other Cantillion beers on draught:

Classic Gueuze (20L)
Cuvee Saint-Gilloise(20L)
Saint Lamvinus (20L)
Vigeronne (20L)
Nath (20L)

Zwanze Day will run from Noon to 7pm at Jester King. Tickets to Zwanze Day will be $45 and include:

A Cantillon / Jester King Zwanze Day glass
One 4oz. pour of 2017 Zwanze (Tapped worldwide at 2pm central)
Four 4oz. pours of Cantillion beer besides 2017 Zwanze (which four pours you get depends on how long the various kegs last)

Zwanze Day will happen at Jester King during our regular tasting room hours. We’ll have a special area with a tent for Zwanze Day ticket holders. We’ll permit a bottle share once again this year for ticket holders only, and we expect everyone to be respectful of their peers and surroundings. We pride ourselves on Jester King being a relaxed, laid back setting, and we do not wish to see a bottle share interfere with this.

Two-hundred (200) tickets are available for Zwanze Day this year, and we’ll once again have a ticket lottery. The entry period ends on Sunday, September 10th at 7pm central. Winners will be notified no later than Tuesday, September 12th at 10pm central. Please note, anyone caught duplicating their entry or submitting aliases will be removed from the lottery. You must present a government ID showing you’re age 21 or older to be admitted. The name and DOB on your ID must match the information you submitted on your lottery entry.

Lottery winners will be e-mailed a code to purchase tickets and must do so by 7pm central on Friday, September 15th. Any unpurchased tickets will be randomly reassigned to persons who did not win the initial lottery.


* THIS IS A FREE LOTTERY ENTRY FOR THE CHANCE TO PURCHASE A TICKET. By entering this lottery, you have the chance to win the ability to purchase a ticket to Jester King’s 2017 Zwanze Day celebration. Only one entry per person, duplicate entries will be eliminated from the lottery.

* There are NO plus 1 tickets this year, as stated above only one entry per person

* Please make sure your name and DOB match your Government issued ID on your lottery entry

* Lottery winning tickets are NOT transferable

* There will NOT be any door sales, all sales will be done through the lottery


Deadline for lottery entry Sunday, September 10th at 7pm central
Winners will be notified Tuesday, September 12th at 10pm central
Winners must purchase tickets by Friday, September 15th at 7pm central
All unpurchased tickets will enter 2nd lottery Saturday, September 16th
2nd Chance Lottery winners will be notified Monday, September 18th 10pm central
2nd Chance winners must purchase tickets Wednesday, September 21st at 7pm central

Please use the button below to sign up for the lottery. Cheers and happy Zwanze Day!

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