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2017 Jester King Reposé

This Friday, we’ll be releasing 2017 Jester King Reposé! Reposé is our farmhouse ale brewed with hay and aged hops, aged in in brandy barrels. It’s inspired by Bière de Garde and is our attempt to capture the character of the horse barn near our brewery.

Lautering through hay

2017 Reposé was brewed on December 1, 2015. We lautered the wort through hay from our horse barn and added aged hops to the boil. The first time we made Reposé, we added the hay straight into the mash. The hay was like rope, and it ended up bending the rakes in our mash tun. So this time around, we added the hay to a tub and lautered the wort through the hay as it moved from the mash tun to our kettle. After an initial primary fermentation in stainless steel, we moved the beer to brandy barrels where it aged for about 18 months. Thank you to friend and brewer Kevin Sykes for helping us brew the wort.

2017 Reposé is 6.5% alcohol by volume, 20 IBU, 3.4 pH, and has a finishing gravity of 1.002 (0.5 Plato). It was packaged on July 1, 2017. It is our second blend of Reposé. It will be released at 4pm on Friday, October 6th. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go. We have about 3,900 bottles (750ml/$22). There’s no bottle limit. Aside from special events, we don’t anticipate Reposé will be available beyond our tasting room.

(l to r) Sean Spiller, Kevin Sykes

Burlap bags of aged hops in our barn

The barn that inspired Reposé

Aged hops

Jester King-9881

Jester King-9868

Jester King-9882